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Baumann, M.; Kuemmerle, T.; Elbakidze, M.; Ozdogan, M.; Radeloff, V.C.; Keuler, N.S.; Prishchepov, A.V.; Kruhlov, I.; Hostert, P. Patterns and drivers of post-socialist farmland abandonment in Western Ukraine 2011 Land Use Policy 28 552-562 doi
Baumann, M.; Ozdogan, M.; Kuemmerle, T.; Wendland, K.J.; Esipova, E.; Radeloff, V.C. Using the Landsat record to detect forest-cover changes during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the temperate zone of European Russia 2012 Remote Sensing of Environment 124 174-184 doi
Bjoernsen Gurung, A.; Bokwa, A.; Chelmicki, W.; Elbakidze, M.; Hirschmugl, M.; Hostert, P.; Ibisch, P.; Kozak, J.; Kuemmerle, T.; Matei, E.; Ostapowicz, K.; Pociask-Karteczka, J.; Schmidt, L.; van der Linden, S.; Zebisch, M. Global Change Research in the Carpathian Mountain Region 2009 Mountain Research and Development 29 282-288 openurl
Bleyhl, B., Baumann, M., Griffiths, P., Heidelberg, A., Manvelyan, K., Radeloff, V. C., Zazanashvili, N. & Kuemmerle, T. Assessing landscape connectivity for large mammals in the Caucasus using Landsat 8 seasonal image composites 2017 Remote Sensing of Environment 193 193–203 doi
Bleyhl, B., Sipko, T., Trepet, S., Bragina, E., Leitão, P.J., Radeloff, V.C., & Kuemmerle, T. Mapping seasonal European bison habitat in the Caucasus Mountains to identify potential reintroduction sites 2015 Biological Conservation 191 83–92 doi
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