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Doxani, G.; Vermote, E.; Roger, J.-C.; Gascon, F.; Adriaensen, S.; Frantz, D.; Hagolle, O.; Hollstein, A.; Kirches, G.; Li, F.; Louis, J.; Mangin, A.; Pahlevan, N.; Pflug, B.; Vanhellemont, Q. Atmospheric Correction Inter-Comparison Exercise 2018 Remote Sensing 10 doi
Zander, A.-M., Fülling, A., Brückner, H. & G. Mastronuzzi OSL dating of Upper Pleistocene littoral sediments: a contribution to the chronostratigraphy of raised marine terraces bordering the Gulf of Taranto, South Italy 2006 Geographia fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria 29 33-50 url
Lai, Z.-P., Brückner, H., Zöller, L. & A. Fülling Existence of a common growth curve for silt-sized quartz OSL of loess from different continents 2007 Radiation Measurements 42 1432-1440 doi
Lai, Z.-P., Brückner, H., A. Fülling & Zöller, L. Effects of thermal treatment on the growth curve shape for OSL of quartz extracted from Chinese loess 2008 Radiation Measurements 43 763-766 doi
Stolz, C., Grunert, J. & A. Fülling The formation of alluvial fans and young floodplain deposits in the Lieser catchment, Eifel Mountains, western German Uplands: A study of soil erosion budgeting 2012 The Holocene 22 267 – 280 doi
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