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Veres, D., Lane, C. S., Timar-Gabor, A., Hambach, U., Constantin, D., Szakács, A., Fülling, A. & B. P. Onac The Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5 tephra layer – A regional stratigraphic marker for Isotope Stage 3 deposits in the Lower Danube region, Romania 2013 Quaternary International 293 22-39 doi
Stolz, C., Grunert, J. & A. Fülling Quantification and dating of floodplain sedimentation in a medium-sized catchment of the German uplands: a case study from the Aar Valley in the southern Rhenish Massif, Germany 2013 Die Erde 144 30-50 doi
Pappalardo, M., Chelli, A., Ciampalini, A., Rellini, I., Biagioni, F., Brückner, H., Fülling, A. & M. Firpo Evolution of an Upper Pleistocene aeolianite in the northern Mediterranean (Liguria, NW Italy) 2013 Italian Journal of Geosciences 132 290-303 doi
Larsen, A., Bork, H.-R., Fülling, A., Fuchs M. & J. R. Larse The processes and timing of sediment delivery from headwaters to trunk stream of a Central European mountain gully catchment 2013 Geomorphology 201 215-226 doi
Küster, M., Fülling, A., Kaiser, K. & J. Ulrich Aeolian sands and buried soils in the Mecklenburg Lake District, NE-Germany: Holocene land-use history and pedo-geomorphic response 2014 Geomorphology 211 64-76 doi
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