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Kaiser, K., Küster, M., Fülling, A., Theuerkauf, M., Dietze, E., Graventein, H., Koch, P. J., Bens, O. & A. Brauer Littoral landforms and pedosedimentary sequences indicating late Holocene lake-level changes in northern central Europe – A case study from northeastern Germany 2014 Geomorphology 2016 58-78 doi
Blöthe, J. H., Munack, H., Korup, O., Fülling, A., Garzanti, E., Resentini, A. & P. W. Kubik Late Quaternary valley infill and dissection in the Indus River, western Tibetan Plateau margin 2014 Quaternary Sience Reviews 94 102-119 doi
Tolksdorf, J. F., Elburg, R., Schröder, F., Knapp, H., Herbig, C., Westphal, T., Schneider, B., Fülling, A. & C. Hemker Forest exploitation for charcoal production and timber since the 12th century in an intact medieval mining site in the Niederpöbel Valley (Erzgebirge, Eastern Germany) 2015 Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4 487-500 doi
Wolf, D., Baumgart, P., Meszner, S., Fülling, A., Haubold, F., Sahakyan, L. Meliksetian, K. & D. Faust Loess in Armenia – stratigraphic findings and palaeoenvironmental indications 2016 Proceedings of the Geologists' Association 127 29 - 39 doi
Stolz, C., Nass, D. & A. Fülling Process-response systems on the floodplains of lowland rivers: Results from the Treene River in the northernmost part of Germany concerning human impact and carbon budgeting 2016 Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 60 49-77 doi
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