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Rother, H., Lorenz, S., Börner, A., Kenzler, M., Siermann, N., Fülling, A., Hrynowiecka, A., Forler, D., Kuznetsov, V., Maksimov, F. & A. Starikova The terrestrial Eemian to late Weichselian sediment record at Beckentin (NE-Germany): First results from lithostratigraphic, palynological and geochronological analyses 2017 Quaternary International doi
Mouslopoulou, V., Begg, J., Fülling, A., Moraetis, D., Partsinevelos, P. & O. Oncken Distinct phases of eustatic and tectonic forcing for late Quaternary landscape evolution in southwest Crete, Greece 2017 Earth Surface Dynamics 5 511 - 527 doi
Tieskens, K.F.; Schulp, C.J.E.; Levers, C.; Lieskovský, J.; Kuemmerle, T.; Plieninger, T.; Verburg, P.H. Characterizing European cultural landscapes: Accounting for structure, management intensity and value of agricultural and forest landscapes 2017 Land Use Policy 62 29-39 doi
Piquer-Rodríguez, M., Butsic, V., Gärtner, P., Macchi, L., Baumann, M., Gavier Pizarro, G., Volante, J.N., Gasparri, I.N., Kuemmerle, T. Drivers of agricultural land-use change in the Argentine Pampas and Chaco regions 2018 Applied Geography 91 111–122 doi
Gollnow, F. Land use change and land use displacement dynamics in Mato Grosso and Pará, Brazilian Amazon 2018 doi
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