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Culbert, P. D., Dorresteijn, I., Loos, J., Clayton, M. J., Fischer, J., & Kuemmerle, T. Legacy effects of past land use on current biodiversity in a low-intensity farming landscape in Transylvania (Romania) 2017 Landscape Ecology 32 429-444 doi
Verkerk, P. J., Lindner, M., Pérez-Soba, M., Paterson, J.S., Helming, J., Verburg, P.H., Kuemmerle, T., Lotze-Campen, H., Moiseyev, A., Müller, D., Popp, A., Schulp, C.J.E., Stürck, J., Tabeau, A., Wolfslehner, B., van der Zanden, E.H. Identifying pathways to visions of future land use in Europe 2016 Regional Environmental Change 1-14 doi
Feurdean, A., Munteanu, C., Kuemmerle, T., Nielsen, A. B., Hutchinson, S.M., Ruprecht, E., Parr, C. L., Persoiu, A., & Hickler, T. Effects of socio-political transformations on semi-natural grassland distribution in Transylvania, central eastern Europe, based on pollen and historical land survey 2016 Regional Environmental Change accepted openurl
Schreyer, J., Berthold, O. UAV data for modeling 3D vegetation information in urban areas 2014 3rd workshop of the working group evaluation of remote sensing data, TU Berlin openurl
Schreyer, J., Lakes, T. TanDEM-X & UAV data for modeling 3D vegetation information in urban areas 2015 IEEE-CPS Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE), Lausanne, Switzerland openurl
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