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Okujeni, A.; van der Linden, S.; Suess, S.; Hoster, P. Ensemble Learning From Synthetically Mixed Training Data for Quantifying Urban Land Cover With Support Vector Regression 2017 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 10 1640-1650 doi
Feilhauer, Hannes; Somers, Ben; van der Linden, Sebastian Optical trait indicators for remote sensing of plant species composition: Predictive power and seasonal variability 2017 Ecological Indicators 73 825-833 doi
Degerickx, Jeroen; Okujeni, Akpona; Iordache, Marian-Daniel; Hermy, Martin; van der Linden, Sebastian; Somers, Ben A Novel Spectral Library Pruning Technique for Spectral Unmixing of Urban Land Cover 2017 Remote Sensing 9 565 doi
Senf, C.; Pflugmacher, D.; Hostert, P.; Seidl, R. Using Landsat time series for characterizing forest disturbance dynamics in the coupled human and natural systems of Central Europe 2017 ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 130 453-463 doi
Oeser, J.; Pflugmacher, D.; Senf, C.; Heurich, M.; Hostert, P. Using intra-annual Landsat time series for attributing forest disturbance agents in Central Europe 2017 Forests 8 1-12 doi
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