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Hostert, P.; Lakes, T.; Mueller, H.; Gollnow, F.; Hissa, L.B.V. Land-Use Monitoring and Change Detection 2014 Interdisciplinary Analysis and Modeling of Carbon-Optimized Land Management Strategies for Southern Amazonia (Carbiocial Status Conference in Cuiabá, October 7-8, 2013) 109-118 url
Jägermeyr, J.; Gerten, D.; Lucht, W.; Hostert, P.; Migliavacca, M.; Nemani, R. A high-resolution approach to estimating ecosystem respiration at continental scales using operational satellite data 2014 Global Change Biology 20 1191-1210 doi
Kaiser, K., Küster, M., Fülling, A., Theuerkauf, M., Dietze, E., Graventein, H., Koch, P. J., Bens, O. & A. Brauer Littoral landforms and pedosedimentary sequences indicating late Holocene lake-level changes in northern central Europe – A case study from northeastern Germany 2014 Geomorphology 2016 58-78 doi
Kanaroglou, P.; Paez, A.; Delmelle, E.; Ghosh, D. (eds) Spatial Analysis in Health Geography 2014 openurl
Kennedy, R.E.; Andréfouët, S.; Cohen, W.B.; Gómez, C.; Griffiths, P.; Hais, M.; Healey, S.P.; Helmer, E.H.; Hostert, P.; Lyons, M.B.; Meigs, G.W.; Pflugmacher, D.; Phinn, S.R.; Powell, S.L.; Scarth, P.; Sen, S.; Schroeder, T.A.; Schneider, A.; Sonnenschein, R.; Vogelmann, J.E.; Wulder, M.A.; Zhu, Z. Bringing an ecological view of change to Landsat-based remote sensing 2014 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment doi
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