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St-Louis, V.; Pidgeon, A.M.; Kuemmerle, T.; Sonnenschein, R.; Radeloff, V.C.; Clayton, M.K.; Locke, B.A.; Bash, D.; Hostert, P. Modelling avian biodiversity using raw, unclassified satellite imagery 2014 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 doi
Stefanski, J.; Kuemmerle, T.; Chaskovskyy, O.; Griffiths, P.; Havryluk, V.; Knorn, J.; Korol, N.; Sieber, A.; Waske, B. Mapping Land Management Regimes in Western Ukraine Using Optical and SAR Data 2014 Remote Sensing 6 5279-5305 doi
White, J.C.; Wulder, M.A.; Hobart, G.W.; Luther, J.E.; Hermosilla, T.; Griffiths, P.; Coops, N.C.; Hall, R.J.; Hostert, P.; Dyk, A.; Guindon, L. Pixel-Based Image Compositing for Large-Area Dense Time Series Applications and Science 2014 Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 192–212 doi
Yin, H.; Pflugmacher, D.; Kennedy, R.E.; Sulla-Menashe, D.; Hostert, P. Mapping Annual Land Use and Land Cover Changes Using MODIS Time Series 2014 Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, IEEE Journal of 7 3421–3427 doi
Ziółkowska, E., Ostapowicz, K, Radeloff, V.C., and Kuemmerle, T. Effects of different matrix representations and connectivity measures on habitat network assessments 2014 Landscape Ecology 29 1551-1570 doi
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