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Mouchet, M. A., Levers, C., Zupan, L., Kuemmerle, T., Plutzar, C., Erb, K.-H., Lavorel, S., Thuiller, W., and Haberl, H. Testing the Effectiveness of Environmental Variables to Explain European Terrestrial Vertebrate Species Richness across Biogeographical Scales 2015 PLoS ONE 10 doi
Müller, Hannes; Rufin, Philippe; Griffiths, Patrick; Siqueira, Auberto; Hostert, Patrick Mining dense Landsat time series for separating cropland and pasture in a heterogeneous Brazilian savanna landscape 2015 Remote Sensing of Environment doi
Munteanu, C., Kuemmerle, T., Keuler, N.S., Müller, D., Balázs, P., Dobosz, M., Griffiths, P., Halada, L., Kaim, D., Király, G., Konkoly-Gyuró, E., Kozak, J., Lieskovsky, J., Ostafin, K., Ostapowicz, K., Shandra, O., & Radeloff, V. C. Legacies of 19th century land use shape contemporary forest cover 2015 Global Environmental Change 34 83–94 doi
Oeser, J.; Santibanez, S.; Gollnow, F.; Lakes, T.; Kloft, M. Maschinelles Lernen zur Modellierung raum-zeitlicher Prozesse 2015 Deutscher Kongress für Geographie (DKG) openurl
Okujeni, A.; van der Linden, S.; Hostert, P. Extending the vegetation–impervious–soil model using simulated EnMAP data and machine learning 2015 Remote Sensing of Environment 158 69-80 openurl
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